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Coin Master Free Spins Link Today

Do you need to get Free Spins and Coins on Coin Master? This is the best place to find your daily free spins for coin master.

Coin Master Free Spins Link Today

These links for free spins are collected from the official Coin Master social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. All coin master spin links on this page are secure and tested before being updated.

24/11/20203800 Spins FOR 1500 CLAIM
24/11/20202 million coinsCollect
24/11/202025 spinsCollect
24/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
24/11/20202 million coinsCollect
24/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
24/11/20202 million coinsCollect
23/11/20207500 Free Spins ⭐ CLAIM
23/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
23/11/202025 spinsCollect
23/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
23/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
22/11/202025 spinsCollect
22/11/202025 spinsCollect
22/11/20202 million coinsCollect
22/11/202025 spinsCollect
21/11/20203800 Spins FOR 1000 CLAIM
21/11/202025 spinsCollect
21/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
21/11/202025 spinsCollect
21/11/202025 spinsCollect
20/11/20201.000 Spins ⭐ Golden Chest CLAIM
20/11/202025 spinsCollect
20/11/20202 million coinsCollect
20/11/20202 million coinsCollect
20/11/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
19/11/20202,500 Spins For ALL CLAIM

The Best ways to get Coin Master Rewards

Checking this page for daily links is not the only way that you can collect free spins and coins.

Invite Your Friends on Facebook

1000 spins coin master

When you invite a friend on Facebook to playthe coin master game you canclaim 40 spins for free. To get rewards, your friend needs to accept the invitation, download the game, and log into Facebook so their account is tied to the game. If you have a lot of friends that will be easy.

You can gift each other

Once you’ve invited your friends on Facebook then you and your friends can gift each other free spins and coins! You don’t lose any personal spins also you can receive and send 100 spins.

Just wait a little bit

You can just wait! Every one hour that you wait you can collect your 5 free spins adding up to a total of 50 spins. So you should wait 10 hours if you want to optimize for maximum free spins.

What is the Coin Master game?

Union a base-building system game with the riotous rush of an openings machine and you have Coin Master. The gameplay is basic: turn the Slots machine to play out an activity. You can collect free coinsstrike other players’ basesobtain shields that make the effect of other players’ attacks smaller, or raid player stashes. After that, use the coins you earn to upgrade your base’s structures.

You can download Coin Master on Google Play from HERE, or on apple store from HERE.

Read on for the ultimate guide for Coin Master, including some tricks and tips – ethical coin master hack – to speed your base building and save your Coin stash secure from other players.

The basics of Coin Master

Coin Master Game begins with a simple tutorial that introduces you to the basics, then you have the freedom to start playing.

In Coin Master, everything revolves around obtaining and spending Coin and spins. There are 3 primary means of earning coin in Coin Master:

  • FirstlyEarn Coins from the Slots Machine.
  • Secondly, Attack other players’ bases.
  • Finally, Raiding other players’ bases.

So as to perform one of these moves, you must take a Spins on the Slots Machine.

What is The Slots Machine?

The Slots Machine is the axis of the game, you’ll be spending most of your game time on this machine. You get to the Slots Machine by opening the game menu or by swiping down from the village screen.

At the bottom of the Slots Machine, you’ll see your number of available Spins. every time you spin this machine, the number goes down by 1.
Once you’re out of Spins, you will have to wait a bit for them to regenerate.

The Slots Machine in Coin Master has 4 reels with 4 different symbols. If you manage to get 4 of the same symbols in a row, you immediately perform that action. These four symbols are a hammer, a pig bandit, a bag of Coin, a shield, and finally a spin capsule.

The SymboleThe Reward
HammerGet coins by attacking other players village
Bag of CoinMore free coins
Pig BanditRaid Coin Master
Energy CapsuleCollect 10 free spins
ShieldLose fewer coins during the attacks

How You Can Build Your Village?

There are 5 buildings you want to construct in each stage. so as to finish a stage and advance to subsequent Village, you want to upgrade all of the buildings in your current village to 5 stars Rating.

There are 264 villages in Coin Master, every village had its own unique theme and design, that you can complete.

The Revenge mechanic

Get Spins - The ultimate application for free spins and coins
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The Revenge mechanic lets you get back at a player who has attacked your village. If your base village has been successfully attacked by another player, you have a chance to get attack back.

Just you give the Slots Machine one spin, If you claimed a full row of Hammers then you will be taken to the attack view and transition to a random village.

You should pay attention to the highest of your screen. there should be a Revenge option there. Select this and therefore the game will mention an inventory of all the players who had previously attacked you. choose one them and you will be taken there to a person’s village where you can attack.

The chests on Coin Master

You can get cards by opening up chests, which are purchased using coins. There is a different themed Card Collections, and every Collection contains 9 cards. Claim all 9 Cards in a collection then you’re rewarded: free spins and a lot of free coins and even pets.

There are 3 types of chests that you can buy, the expensive the chest equal lot of cards you will find within. The cards you can get from a chest is dependent on your village Level. When you hit the higher village levels, so you have the opportunity to get special gold cards from the chests you open. Gold Cards are rarer versions of cards, and their collections offer many ultimate rewards upon completion.

Trade Cards on Coin Master

The Card Trading system is the most exciting mechanics in Coin Master. You can send from one to five cards to your friends every day, so it’s a good idea to join Coin Master forums. There is a lot of card trading sections where you can strike trading deals with other players.

This is the official chances according to Moon Active, the founder behind Coin Master:

Wooden Chest286%48%18%15%2%0%
Golden Chest460.4%77.74%99.5%35.87%5.95%0%
Magical Chest879.21%94.29%99.5%99.5%23.6%0%
Mystery Chest60.5%98.33%98.33%99.5%99.5%10%
Emerald Chest463.71%56.13%80.69%70.84%27.1%0%
Saphire Chest671.78%79.16%90.49%99.5%38.04%0%
Ruby Chest856.2%82.47%97.19%99.5%61.14%1.9%
Valentine’s Chest60.5%98%98%99%99%4%
Small Lucky Chest60.01%98%98%99.5%99.5%1.4%
Big Lucky Chest855%82%96%99%60%14%
Small Easter Chest60.01%99.5%99.5%99.5%99.5%2.4%
Big Easter Chest856%83%97%99%61%6%

Coin Master: Frequently asked questions

How can i get Coin Master free Spins and Coins?

You can do this by visiting this page every day, we post new updated links for free spins when they are available.

How many villages are in Coin Master?

Now there are 264 villages – levels – that you can play.

What is the goal from the stars in Coin Master?

The stars display your current rank and of other coin master players. So you can get stars by building your village and collecting cards.

What are cards for in Coin Master?

You get cards to complete a collection that consists of nine cards with the same theme. once you finish a specific collection you get free spins and gifts.

As a result, we hope you enjoy this article, there are so many websites than list new updated links for this game like this website or this and this. So now you know how to claim your free spins and coins on Coin Master, see more about us.

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